Dear March! It’s a lot to take in!!!

The news of the Ethiopian airline plane crash weakened me the entire day, 157 passengers gone like that? It was too much for me, All I thought of was their last moment, what exactly were they thinking, what were they like and the Images was just chaos and horrible in my head, Inna lillahi wa Inna ilaihi Raji’un, From Him we come and to Him we shall return… May Allah be with their loved ones… Amin
I was still processing the Ethiopian crash when I started seeing another tragic news, Oh! I tried to avoid the news of the collapsed school building on the 13th of March because I was okay not knowing the detail but typical tragic story, all I saw was “Breaking news! Breaking News!” Truly from Him we come and to Him we shall return… There is no power except from Allah…
My heart sank at the mere thought of what their loved ones might be going through, these are kids who only wanted education, They don’t deserve such, they don’t! But then again only Allah Knows…

I am not even a mother yet but I couldn’t bare the thoughts of not having my child return to me after school, These pierced me so bad, And when I read that the building had already been shakey, I got upset even more, I am still upset! Where lies Humanity? How do you as a person put a lot of lives in risk just because what? Subhanallah!!!
And the part where they posted the names of the dead pupils on the hospital wall, what exactly is that? Where is the Empathy, How dare you do that to a parent? A lot happened and I could go on and on but No, I chose to acknowledge that it’s indeed a day many won’t forget in hurry, this day will hunt a lot of people for years but I ask God to be with those affected, ease their pain and continue to protect us at large.. Amen..

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, then came the terrorist attack on Muslims at 2 different masjids in New Zealand. These people only wanted to worship God, What exactly was their crime? Such massive level of hate Subhanallah!!! May Allah comfort their loved ones and grant them the highest level of Jannah. Amin.

And again, Another building collapsed in Ibadan!
Inna lillahi wa Inna ilaihi Raji’un….
It’s so much for me and you but it’s important that we stay strong for each other, we stand by each other in these trying times..
Please reach out to people that needs help, pray for them if you can’t do anything. This isn’t the time to mind your business, we truly need one another..We truly do!
May Allah protect us all at large and may He Avert from us all sorts of calamities, Amin.

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