Ctrl+Alt+Del “THE PAST”…. How Easy?

Hello guys…happy new month, hope everyone is doing kampe? (yea, that’s a slang for “well”) incase you are not familiar with it…

I was watching a movie and basically it was all about deleting your past and starting all over again, i often hear people say this every time but my number 1 question is how easy is it to delete or erase your past off your memory and pretend nothing happened… so i decide to sit and think thoroughly, having asked myself so many question and so many sleepless night thinking of CTRl+Alt+delete, i finally understood what it meant…

so let’s break it down….


As a medic, that has been dealing with brain of recent, the first question is how can you erase your memory? the only time your memory is erased is when you have a brain damage, meaning it is not possible to delete your past as people term it.

However what most people mean when they talk about deleting/erasing your past is that you change the way you deal with those memories in the present moment, You cannot do anything with what has already happened, but yes you can surely alter the way you perceivewhat has happened.
If you were hurt by others, you can choose to forgive. If you feel you had made some mistakes, you can choose to be compassionate to your own self, and let it go. If something had happened beyond your control, you can choose not to resist but accept it.
All these choices are possible. What is required is to learn to disengage from the emotional load of negative memories and then choosing the appropriate way of looking at them. however these very few tips will help with your past..
Remind yourself that you are not your memories. You are the one who experiences them.You experience what you choose to experience. Although your choices might have been made unconsciously, you always have an option in the present moment to consciously choose empowering possibilities.Disengage from negative feelings which those memories bring in your awareness by creating a distance from your feelings. This is done by observing them and not resisting, denying and not trying to modify what is happening in your awareness. (It may seem very difficult initially, but let me tell you that it’s possible to do for everyone of us!)As you observe your feelings and do not try to suppress, project or deny; you will slowly realize that you have other ways to look at what had happened.Choose those empowering ways of looking at your memories, and slowly you will move away from the negative feelings of your past.Remind yourself that you cannot control everything that happens to you, but you can always choose how you perceive what’s happening to you.This is – raising your awareness about your past
And that”s it guys…
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Reference: resourcefullife.net
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