Common Courtesy….

My people,my people!…hope you guys are doing well oo jare (in a nigerian voice)….

As it is all about thoughts,i thought i should talk about courtesy is an important issue abi? yea ‘fery fery’ important…..okay let’s get serious

Courtesy: The showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behaviour towards others.

So  Here are some courtesy rules:

1-It’s not what you said,it about how you said it,sincerely just because you say please at the beginning of your sentence,thank you at the end and sorry every time doesn’t really make things right.for example: get your stupid self outta here please,thank you!…really! that just didn’t sound right.use your please,thank you and sorry (preferably i’m sorry) politely.

2-Don’t jump onto people you don’t know like you know them….don’t get me wrong,it’s okay to be nice,but meeting me for the first time and making it seem you can do or say all sort of things to me or jump into/interrupt conversations, isn’t just nice

3-Why do people sneeze and continue with their conversation? really! say excuse me! and then move on. it’s just simple courtesy.

4-People actually say ”Hmm Hmm” when you say thank you,makes me wonder why???,it’s so simple,someone says thank you,simply reply you are welcome. what is it with the “HmmHmm”…. adongerritit

5:Ohh noooo! did you just belch and blow you nose publicly and think it’s okay??!,noo! it is not! excuse yourself please…

6-May I, can I….just because you are paying for something doesn’t mean you should just give orders! simple courtesy,May i have some food please? can i sit with you?

7-don’t keep people waiting,if you must run late,simply put a call through or  send a message to notify them you will be running late…that shouldn’t take much of your time…..

8-throw trash don’t litter…’s just common sense,why litter when there is a bin?

9-Clean those dishes…Haaa!,why leave them in the sink,i mean, help prevent bacteria by washing them.

10-Why let your cloth linger after taking them off the washing machine…dry them,it only saves you the stress and the smell

11-Remove your shoes before entering the house,people! by doing that,you prevent bacterias

12- Clean up (Your house,washrooms,everywhere).it’s good for mental Health

13-Being a nice and positive person will only help you live longer as performing good deeds boost health and self-confidence

14- Some people just get too comfortable,there is nothing like ‘Too comfortable’,”i can do anything to her/him,she/he is not gonna feel bad or say anything, c’mon!…simply ask.,instead of making him or her worry later on…

15-Don’t keep people hanging on phone or even chats….what are you doing talking to  other people while you are speaking to some one on phone,or leaving someone online to do so many other things???…not nice at all…simply let the person know what’s going on or what you have to do…

These things happen everyday,all these little things that we overlook is not nice ooo..


Remember,courtesy is the foundation of all good manners…

so it’s all about courtesy and i had to be  serious so we can feel the seriousness and take it serious…..(Chaiii! it rymed! serious!seriousness!serious!) ‘just kidding’

yea, and in my next post will try and include my Facebook address,so you guys can follow/like.

And that’s it guys…

Thank you for stopping by,

Until next time

I love you all 🙂

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