Cold and Running Nose? Here is how to get better in hours…

I was having this bad cold, Oh lord! It wasn’t funny… I then said to myself there is sure a way out of this. I just wanted to feel better.
I wanted to take something other than the usual syrups,tablets,hot water and so on… I was going to take my usual cinnamon Tea (cinnamon Tea is bae,Trust me) but i had my doubts, I was like pause! Not Today.. My eyes then went straight to lipton and honey, I was like Hmmm, My dad takes Tea with honey, I am going to try it today (As honey have so much benefits as well)… Just as i was about to use the honey i remembered i had honey and lime mixed up in a small container which i always use on my face( Ladies can Relate, Team Natural), So i added that instead… I never use to take orange,lime and so on but hey! Wanted that instant Relief..
Lime + Honey +Lipton did Magic…..


Was it the best TEA ever? Hmmmm, Nooo! It was waaaaaaaaak! I didn’t like it one bit.. But Trust me,The freshness was Reaaaaal!
The only thing is that it cleared my Tummy instantly, It made me aware of the space i didnt know about, All i wanted was foooooooood! No jokes! I just wanted to eat and sleep…..
Slept and woke up in the morning to No Flu!  I was like pause! I usually will deal with this for like a week but in a matter of hours it’s gone!!!! No way!  Unbelievable… I was going to blog instantly but something was like what if it returns….haha Funny Right?  But yeah,  It didn’t, So here i am sharing this with you guys… YAAAAAAY….

However, Do this as soon as you can tell you have flu, Don’t add too much of lime as the Acidity is not good for your stomach and make sure the water is Hot not warm…I guess you can use another tea bag as well. Comment in the comment section and let me know if it did work for you or if you have some other twist to the Magic and don’t forget to follow on Instagram @bkaysots and on Facebook @Barakah’s thoughts….
And That’s it guys,
Until Next Time,
I love y’all ☺

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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

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