1. Spaghetti/Noodles: Lord! All i have to say is, just close your eyes and imagine yourself eating spagetti at home. I don’t think you want to try it.Unless your date really enjoys watching a messy sauce-face across the table.
  2. Soup: As a Nigerian, soup just aint us, the only time we take soup is when we have flu,  But the famous one is pepper soup and between me and you, there is  a way we love to enjoy our pepper soup, Really hot and spicy. Is only if you want to posh it but otherwise it’s a No on a date..
  3. Hamburger: Some burgers be like you need a ladder for me. Kilode! the layers are Real! we all love to enjoy hamburgers when we have to eat them but the truth is after three bites your arms are covered in a revolting slime of mayo, grease, and special sauce, and your tomato is hanging precariously somewhere. If you’re lucky it will land on your plate. you sure don’t want that.
  4. Garlic/onions: You don’t want a bad breath for the rest of the Evening.
  5. Beans: look! no matter how tempting it looks, No! most especially in a hot weather, trust me, The aftermath aint good. Remember, it’s Beans
  6. Solid food: Halla! My Nigerian people, whatttt.. First of all, on a first date, never order food you eat with your hands. between me and you, Solid is only enjoyable with your hands not some cutlery. You sure don’t want to other Eba, Amala, Akpu, semo or tuwo on your first date.
  7.  wings/Ribs:  how do you enjoy wings with cutlery?
  8. Shellfish: Lol… i find this so funny, It’s a date! you don’t want to be tearing apart a sea creature with your bare hands.
  9. Spicy Food: Nigerian love spicy food but don’t on a first date, Trust me you don’t want to drink all the water they have got in the restaurant or keep coughing your stomach out.
  10. Hot Dogs: Trust me, can be unpleasant to watch.


And that’s it guys,

I love y’all





FG: In The Absence of Pepper soup….

Pepper soup is Bae when you have a Running Nose, But in the Absence of Pepper soup what can be present…..???


Yea Right… I don’t know what it is called and still can’t find a name for it.. It is sure not porridge as you can already tell from the fact that it is not Mashed.. Continue reading FG: In The Absence of Pepper soup….

Cassava flakes of life….(Garri)

If i hear you are Nigerian and you don’t know Garri, Theeeeeeeeen PAUSE! and think Again….in English it is called cassava flakes but popularly known as Garri  (one of my teachers used to call it Garion), It is the most popular food in Nigeria,  Familiar to the Rich, Poor  and  middle class, We all take it but the way we take it might just be different…. Continue reading Cassava flakes of life….(Garri)