Nigerian Lady: ”I Don’t Know How To Cook and i Don’t Care”

Hehehehehe…..i love my nigerian sisters jare,i mean i love you guys die….the fleeking fleeking,the turning ups..hmmm, i am loving it…but ehn,what is with the the “i don’t know how to cook and i don’t care” haaa! My sister care ooo,hmm did i hear you say you don’t care???!!!!….lol..Diaris God! Continue reading Nigerian Lady: ”I Don’t Know How To Cook and i Don’t Care”

Domestic Violence

And she was asked: why don’t you leave if you go through all these???
she replied: I STILL LOVE HIM……..

Listening to Victims of Domestic violence….

Domestic violence (also domestic abuse, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, battering or family violence) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person in a domestic context against another, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Continue reading Domestic Violence

What friends can do to you

You sure  know I am gonna be apologising..I can’t believe the last time i blogged was last year….Chaiii!!!! How dare me?!  But my people ehn, you know now?! It is not easy to be a medical student naa….all the same ehn,i apologise….this won’t and shouldn’t happen agaaaaaaain!!!!…..

So back to the matter…..

Have you ever asked yourself what exactly it is your friends are doing,have done or will do to you????? Continue reading What friends can do to you

Why Opt for Cesarian section???

I came across a picture online which reminded of a lady i met while doing my hospital practice who was so keen on having a Cs in the future and my mum and aunts would also tell me about how women/ladies seriously prefer Cs to normal delivery….

The Que is: why opt for Cs when you can give birth yourself (the natural way)

let me give you an insight of what Cs is all about Continue reading Why Opt for Cesarian section???

Why live a fake life???

I am sure you’ll be like whats up with this woman today talking about fake life……yeaaaa guys fake life! i have always wanted to talk about this but something keeps coming my way……came across a quote earlier that says:

”fake people,hate honesty,it is the lies that keeps them feeling good about themselves and their lives,so share your true feelings about their actions and watch how they fade away…..” Continue reading Why live a fake life???


So i have been having exams lately and so i thought i should talk to you guys about exams…….

so yea…i am going to be telling you guys what i do exactly prior to my exams to help me prepare for my exams……

  • I sweep away all obstacles that could disturb my Focus (e.g,home sick,issues with people,stress and so on),this is to get me mentally prepared for the task ahead
  • I give myself enough time to study,by setting a timetable for study,i.e i get to know how many exams i have to write and make a timetable,because most times you have to give more time to one course that the other,this is to avoid cramming at the last minute and it also gives you a better understanding of your courses as well as boost your confidence
  • I study in an area where i feel very comfortable studying,the library and sometimes my room,this might not be a comfortable area for you,all you need do is to no where exactly you feel comfortable studying.

Continue reading Exams…..

Why Blog?

I thought i should let you know the reason behind my blog….so here we go..

Having decided to pay Attention to myself years ago,the one main thing i realise is that i always write and type,even when i have no idea on what to write about,:) ,As soon as i get my pen(i like pens by the way) or grab my pc, ideas just flow,as long as i have no classes or meetings and i don’t have to sleep,I´ll keep writing for most of the day. I´m actually in love with the quiet thinking process that often goes hand in hand with writing,though i am far from a natural blog writer,as a matter of fact, playing with words and creating beautiful sentences does not come easy to me,but the fact that i am a real kind of person and i think positively,i write from my heart with good intentions.makes me see myself as an ”okay” writer. :)… People have said to me so many times ”you should have your own blog” but i just felt there is a still a lot i need to learn and failing to realise that i could still learn even better while i blog….and today i am like who caressssss!!! it’s blog time,i have got so many things to let out,i have so many things to share.i know I still have a lot to learn when it comes to writing and grammars, but lucky me I enjoy the learning process ……

And that’s it 🙂 Much love