Why you should attend The BLogger point blogger’s brunch 2017.

I was opportune to attend the blogger’s brunch last year 26th of August at Sueno Wellness Centre, Wuse 2 Abuja and It was such an amazing experience. As a typical Nigerian, Initially I thought why should I even attend this brunch (Asides meeting my HTT friends: Demi and Mide) as it was during summer and that’s when I get so busy with my NGO work, I remember I was at work earlier that day and had to leave early because of the brunch and it was a rainy day, You might want to know if it was worth it? yes! it was! I didn’t get to blog about it last year because my laptop and phone crashed at the same time and I urgently had to go on a break. So here are 5 reasons you should attend the Brunch:


Networking: Trust me, This is one thing every blogger can’t do away with. Ask every successful blogger, they won’t be able to count the number of times they have had to collaborate one way or the other. The good thing about the brunch is that the organizers create a relax and comfortable environment where you get to meet and know each other and before you know it you are already talking collaboration. I don’t think there was any blogger that wasn’t ready to collaborate last year and I am sure it will be same this year as well.So attending the brunch only means you might just meet that perfect blogger to work you Ideas, Oh and guess what? I met a sports blogger at the Brunch, I mean! how about that? do you know any sports blogger? That’s why you should get your ticket.




Fun: I had so much on my mind when I attended the brunch, work, organizing my sister’s wedding (If you are from the North, you know what this means) but as soon as I got to the venue, I literally forgot all that I had on my mind because as rainy as it was, It was still bubbly, The game (speed dating) we played just to get to know each other was hilarious. Kudos to Demi of High Street Mania, can’t even begin to talk about the selfies, jokes, hilarious boomerang session and the subtle environment. Trust me, You might just want to go with a comfortable outfit so you can have fun to the fullest. who doesn’t want to forget their problems? Get your ticket!




Enlightening: prior to the brunch, I used to think all fashion bloggers do is to just take photos  but thank God for Dr.Bukky of Pages By Bukky (whom I was meeting for the fist time) made me understand what fashion blogging was all about, I don’t think it’s a moment I can ever forget and there was the question and answer session which I loved because believe it or not there are questions only an experience Nigerian Blogger can answer, Google cannot link our recession and corruption to Blogging, Trust me hearing from the horse’s mouth would elevate your career one way or the other.You definitely want your question (s) to be answered, so get your ticket!



Food and drinks: I had a lot to eat and drink trust me! This post is not sponsored so I sha can’t lie, Abi?! I couldn’t stop munching because there was so much to munch, I tried not to drink as much because I was avoiding the restroom. So you need not worry about chops, You will have enough.



Goody bags: I loved my Goody bag, I personally had two (the other came with my award). It had different products in it, some which I still use till date.I do think this years’ would be better. So If you are a lover of Goody Goddy, Oya! get your ticket Now!


My highlight of the event was the moment I received an Award because I wasn’t expecting it, You never can tell, You might win an unexpected award too. overall It was an Amazing event I would love to attend over and over again..

And that’s it guys, See you guys in my next post.

See you guys in my next post.

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