Adonbilivit! 2015 Blog Report..

Are you guys serious! like for Real! I don’t even know what to say..

I just sit infront of my laptop and write anything from my head, sincerely never saw any of these coming.I am sure you are like what is she saying..

This is me studying jeje and i recieved an email from wordpress saying i should view my 2015 annual report.. In my head, i was like Abeggiiii… Because it looks eye catchy,i would go through it later, And when i finally did,i just couldn’t believe it…….


That looks beautiful right,i know… And then after reading all the long english,then this,…..


Moi,have readers from all this places, Really!

My reaction to that was priceless!

And now…


That means so much to me,believe it or not 175 views in a day is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig deal….


To think i was thinking of deleting my Twitter account as i am so not a twitter fan and then That!??? Really! Twitter is sure not going to be deleted…

You have noooooo idea,how emotional that was for me. Appreciation Big time.. To me,it was just sharing my thoughts,didn’t really know the blog was checked out that much… I love you guys,you have no idea..

Thank You! Thank You!  Thank You!
I love y’all ☺

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