Pre-Ramadhan series #3: Being Productive as a student….

As students, Ramadhan can be so overwhelming for us because it is often in summer and during the exam period.How do you even cope with fasting, exams, studies and extra Ibadah? Never easy trust me….As much as there is stress, you don’t want Ramadhan passing you by like that.So here is what I do:

Change my sleep pattern: The weather is usually extra hot and studying during the day time can be draining, so instead of stressing I sleep during the daytime at about 12 or 2 pm till 5 pm, then begin to study before or after iftar until the next morning, of course, I have study breaks in between. This helps with the need for glucose, from iftar to sahur you can give your brain as much glucose as possible which should last you a while after sahur.The thing with the sleep pattern is that you might struggle to get back your sleeping pattern but you will get it back as you are only doing it for a short period of time.

Pick a good deed: Allah loves consistency, I try not do too much because I know I can’t keep up, so I just decide on one thing and do it the whole of Ramadhan.For example, last year, I decided I was going to do Taraweeh all through and I was going to recite the Quran in between my study breaks. Which I did, So you can just sit and think of an extra deed that will not take toll on your studies and you are good to go.

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.”

Understand you please Allah when you study hard: Because people around us do so much we tend to feel bad because we are not doing as much but we tend to forget that as Muslims, we are rewarded for every single step we take towards seeking for knowledge that benefits us and the society.

Eat well during iftar and sahur: eating well doesn’t mean eating a lot, it means giving your system what it needs and what will last longer.For example, banana, milk, and meat last longer for I add that to my regular meal and I also drink a lot of water because summer can be really dehydrating.

If you are attending classes, you should have good meals as well during iftar and sahur, try not to get involved in any vigorous activity, avoid being under the sun (Being in a cool environment helps), Also pick a consistent deed, study hard after iftar and you are good….

If you have to walk around almost the whole day, Try to sit in between to avoid getting light headed.

Buttom line is pick one or two good deeds and be consistent with it and of course, ask Allah regularly to make things easy for you.

So that’s how I get productive during Ramadhan….

How do you get productive as a student during Ramadhan? Chat me up in the comment section.


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