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I think of Nafisa and I think of a lady who is constantly making a difference home and abroad basically a working lady.I mean how is it possible that you are a lawyer, a teacher, a blogger/vlogger, an author and an entrepreneur? who does that? well, Nafisa does it effortlessly.Nafisa Ahmedi, a British-born international lawyer, a lecturer in Business, Law, and English, a blogger/vlogger and she also manages her online stationery & book shop.I came across her video about 2 years ago on Youtube and I have followed her since then.The Author has consistently demonstrated hard work in every aspect of her life which I think is something a lot of people particularly young girls should emulate. I asked Nafisa for an Interview and she warmly granted me one.


What’s the story behind your name MissPhDiva?

When I first started my blog I wanted a moniker that reflected what I was doing at the time. I had just gotten accepted into a Ph.D. program and wanted to blog about teaching, learning, and research. Initially, I wanted Nafisa Precious or Miss Precious Gem but I thought MissPhDiva captured my blog idea better.

Tell us about your passion for teaching?

I never, ever planned on becoming a teacher, I honestly just stumbled into it after a whirlwind romance I found myself enrolling on a TEFL course, the rest is history. I loved it so much and 5 years later here we are, 2 teaching certificates, an education and lifestyle business, 4 published books to date and a doctorate on the way! Alhamdulillah.

You authored a book titled “An Easy Guide To Writing Essays “, what inspired it?

I have taught essay writing in Academic English to university students and whenever I collect lesson feedback from my students they always say how much they love my style of teaching; the way I make it ‘easy and fun’ so I decided to write a very student-centred guide with a step-by-step ‘how to guide’ for easy essay writing.

Why did you start blogging and what has been the absolute highlight of your blogging passion?

Initially, I wanted to share my Ph.D. journey and teacher training tips and advice. Then I realized I wanted to do more than that so I created the Education & lifestyle brand; MissPhDiva & Co which is an extension of my blog. I think the highlight of my blogging is reaching almost every single country in the world in my readership. Whenever I see the viewer demographic on my statistics I’m so overwhelmed how my blog reaches all corners of the globe. I love it!

Why did you decide to start Vlogging?

I was inspired by another vlogger; an American Youtuber Nina Santiago. I watched a vlog she did while on holiday in Nissau Bahamas and thought, wow, that’s so much fun. So on my next holiday to UAE, I started vlogging at when I visited Kano. The feedback and response was great so I decided to keep vlogging different aspects of my life like work, travel, food etc.

What three things do you think one needs to start a blog and vlog?

Blogging and vlogging are very different. For blogging, anyone can start a blog really. I think you just need to want to share your thoughts, ideas or experience with others and perhaps a passion for conveying that through writing or photography. It’s that simple. Vlogging, on the other hand, is much more tenacious. You have to be confident because you are putting yourself out there and whilst many people will like you, some won’t, that’s just how it is. I think to start vlogging you need confidence, charisma and thick skin – you need to be brave for sure!

What’s your dream number of subscribers?

As cliche as it may sound, it’s really quality over quantity. I prefer subscribers who relate with me rather than random people hitting the subscribe button just because. That said, 26 is my number so maybe 2600, 26k, 260k, 26M… lol

How do you juggle blogging, Vlogging and teaching all together?

Blogging is extremely time-consuming so I only do that when I have free time which at the moment is hardly ever so I only post when I have something new to share with everyone. Vlogging is easier because I can edit and upload on the move so it works well around teaching because sometimes I like to vlog my days at work and what I get up to. I think the secret to keeping it all together is honestly my iPhone, I wouldn’t be able to do all three simultaneously without it!



What has been your most rewarding and disappointing blogging/vlogging experience?

My most rewarding experience is being able to show the good sides of Africa and Islam. Africa is seriously misrepresented in the media and I’m just grateful YouTube is my platform to share the beauty of my African experiences. We also know how Islam is portrayed these days so I appreciate the platform I have to share my life and knowledge about our religion of peace. I think the disappointing thing is the picky police – sometimes people don’t understand the hard work that goes into creating videos and therefore choose to criticize anything and everything or judge you on matters that are unnecessary or simply unkind.

What three women inspire you and why?

The wives of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW; A’isha RA and Khadijah RA. I admire A’isha’s courage and never being afraid to speak her mind as well as her extensive knowledge of Islam which has played a great role for our own understanding and Khadijah ‘s ability to be an outstanding female boss, successful businesswoman and entrepreneur 1400 years ago with no social media tools at her disposal. And my mother, she has always set me a great example in life and taught me to never give up on anything.

On days you’re tempted to give up, What keeps you going?

Remembering and understanding that my problems are not unique. Allah tests us all in different ways and He only places us in trials He knows we have the strength to overcome. Islam teaches us that all problems have solutions. The starting point is Sabr – patience.

Complete this using your own words. A woman should never underestimate…….

Her ability to make a positive impact on the lives of others

Ever been subjected to any stereotype just because you’re female?

A black, female Muslimah in hijab, sure. However, in life, there are always nay Sayers regardless of your gender, race or religion. It’s up to you to shine and turn negatives into positive success stories. Life is too full of wonderful opportunities to focus on any naysayers.

Your favorite type/flavor of tea?

At the moment I’m loving Harrods’ black tea with rose – I’m totally obsessed

3 things you won’t go out without?

My hijab, lip gloss, and iPhone

Your favorite designer?

Although it’s tempting to go with one of the high-end French fashion houses, I would have to say, Karen Millen, a classic British brand. I have loved this brand since I was 14, my mom bought me a gorgeous dress that I wore a lot and it is still in pristine condition and hasn’t dated in style at all. What I love most about Karen Millen is the classic and feminine designs that are timeless and totally affordable.

Which house chore do you hate the most?

Everything but washing the dishes really takes the biscuit!

One woman you could possibly look at and say ‘Life Goals’ and why?

My mom. She did it all before me and her passion for her profession has really inspired me to be in love with my own business and career.

Say something to a girl child..

‘Go on girl, go punch that a$$’

Thank you very much Nafisa for taking time out to grant this Interview.

Nafisa and so many other hard working ladies out there remind you that life is full of possibilities, you can be Whatever you want – all you need to do is dream and work towards it. What counts is what is in your heart and mind. If you want it badly enough, you can achieve it!

And that’s it guys, Do hope you are Inspired!

See you In my Next post In shaa Allah.

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