12 Beautiful Resorts in Nigeria Where You Can Enjoy Your Honeymoon

Wondering where to spend your honeymoon or a simple couples’ getaway? Sometimes, it’s easy to think only about places like Paris, Dubai and Miami. There are a few countries that Nigerians can travel to visa free, but in case you don’t have a huge budget, don’t fret you can still have a great and romantic time at the many beautiful cheap hotels in Nigeria. We’ve got beach resorts, nature parks with beautiful accommodations. We have everything you can find abroad and more.There are actually too many to choose from, so we’ve created of the best of the best resorts in Nigeria.


La Campagne Tropicana

This nirvana is such a beautiful blend of nature’s finest. You’ll love the sandy beach  dotted by beautiful coconut trees overlooking the blue Atlantic. This resort also offers world-class accommodation with its own spa and 27-hole golf courseAt La Campagne Tropicana, you and your other half will fall in love again and again while you enjoy a relaxing time in the Caribbean themed establishment..


Inagbe Resort

When you get to Inagbe Resorts, you won’t believe you are still in Lagos. The place is simply charming and tranquil. It takes the ocean view and sandy beach experience to a whole new level.

From the tastefully furnished rooms, to the view of the lagoon from the ‘floating bar’, this stunning resort captures the true essence of nature, culture and tradition. What better way to start the beginning of the rest of your life.



Eko Tourist Beach Resort

Eko Tourist Resort is an ideal place for some post nuptial relaxation.  You’ll love the  long romantic walks on its white sand beach while enjoying the view of the sea and the exquisitely prepared meals.



Atican Beach


Atican Beach Resort is a pristine ocean-side destination for fun and relaxation. Its clean white sand and beautiful Caribbean style layout make it a great place to celebrate your love.


Whether you are looking for a great barbeque or cook-out location or a swimming pool with a great view, Atican Beach where you want to be.



Kamp Ikare

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is one of the best kept secrets in Lagos. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, you will love the resort with its rustic beauty and modern touches.


The resort is situated in a coastal village called Ikaare, which is accessible only by boat. The resort has a main communal beach house with 6 duplex cabins positioned around a swimming pool and just metres from the sea.



Ikogosi Warm Spring

At Ikogosi Warm Springs, you and bae will love exploring the unique scenery of warm and cold spring flowing side by side. The Ikogosi Warm Springs which is situated in a charming forest reserve  with a scenic hilly landscape.



Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort, more commonly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in Cross River State and is one of the best resorts that you can find in Nigeria. Whether it’s the beautiful hilly green landscape or the breathtaking ride on the only cable cars in the country, your honeymoon would definitely be memorable.



Le Meridien Ibom

Le Merdien Ibom is Akwa Ibom’s pride and joy. Known for offering one of the best local foods in the country, this resort combines privacy with majesty and is sure to give honeymooners an unforgettable treat which would remain on their lips in years to come.



La Manga Luxury Beach Villa

Located along on the Ilashe Island, treats visitors to a heaven on earth experience. You and new spouse can have a fascinating picnic under one of the abundant coconut palm trees, go for a relaxing walk on the beach, while enjoying the beautiful landscape and unruffled terrain.


As the name implies, this villa also offers its visitors exquisitely furnished luxury villas, which have rooftop Jacuzzi, private lounge, furnished kitchen, swimming pool, poolside barbecue, and a massage room.



MicCom Golf Resort

MicCom Resort offers charming retreat with breathtaking sights and serenity, in an environment, wrapped up in the hollow of nature, then head down to this resort centre. It has stunning facilities that are capable of offering couples a very memorable stay.



Suntan Beach Resort

The Suntan Beach Resorts sits like a hidden jewel in the heart of Badagry. You can sit under the wings of the Palm Tree while watching the ocean dance to the music of the wind. This place is significant for its quietude and serene environment.


There beautiful bamboo huts for your relaxation. You may also go horse riding or on a fishing expedition. Santa Beach and Resorts has a marriage registry very close to it. So, you can have a quick short ceremony and proceed to get your honey to the moon.



Whispering Palms

Whispering Palms Badagry is a popular hangout spot in the historic area of Lagos.It is the ideal place for lovers to finally get that alone time they’ve always wanted.. With the beautiful seaside to look out from their chalets and the beach to play on after the day’s activities.

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