Top 10 things you will always find in a typical northern home.

There are 3 major languages in Nigeria (Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo), The Hausa people predominantly occupy towns and cities in the northern part of Nigeria.Culture is no joke in Africa and no matter how rich we seem, there are just some things we can’t do without, so here are my  top 10 things you would always find in a typical northern home.


Turaren wuta/Turare (traditional Incense): 

This is a must in every northern home, A northerner basically can’t do without this, Traditional incense is our own air freshener and this is the reason why most northerners have a signature fragrance. It comes at different prices depending on your societal status. This is always a perfect gift for your Northern friend, Trust me.


Tabarma (mat):

A typical northerner doesn’t enjoy sitting on a chair, dining set is more like a punishment, no matter who we are inviting over, we enjoy having the gist and eating on a mat (rug). just like Turare, Mats also comes in different prices and designs, so everyone can afford to get one.


Yaji (sweet grounded pepper):

If you go to a northern home and they don’t have yaji, tell them they are not northerners and turn back because a typical northerner cannot live without this….I mean no food will be eatable without yaji, we put yagi in almost everything. Talk about the famous suya or how do you eat gwarogwaro(rice+beans+groundnut oil+yaji) without yaji? It is a Must!



It is usually used to untie the hair, a northern lady cannot do without it because this would only mean they won’t enjoy the whole process of making and untying the hair.



Cooking with gas is nice but in a northern home cooking with firewoods is never exempted because it’s usually a big family or you often have people visiting and some houses usually need the hot coal for the Turare..


Tsintsian laushi (Soft broom):

Soft broom is a type of broom used for sweeping and the reason why it is special is because it sweeps off dust well which the normal bamboo broom won’t necessarily do well.


Maburgi (local whisk):

This is used to avoid lumps in soups, most especially Kuka and Kubewa (popular northern soups) and it is also used in the process of Fura da nono I guess that says why it is always needed.


Kwarya (traditional Bowl):

It’s the local bowl which comes in different sizes, not necessarily always used for fura. you could put anything inside, in houses where fura isn’t taken that much, it is used to preserve dried stuff.


Lalle (henna):

A typical northern woman always have Lalle on either the red one or the black one, we do not believe in leaving their hands bare.



Kuka is the most popular soup in the north, it is a soup for both rich and poor, don’t be surprised if that’s our president’s favorite soup as it is always available.

And that’s it guys.Those are my top 10. Feel free to add to the list in the comment section.

See you guys in my next post.



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