10 foods to make with bamboo skewers this Eid..

Eid -al- Adha is upon us and as a proud Muslimah I have been thinking of exciting things to make during Eid, most especially in the kitchen, I am sure you guys know by now that I love to play with food, So I thought why not share with you guys foods you can make with skewers, I mean, It’s time to spice things up and make your plate of food absolutely stunning….




Sand witch skewers: This I recommend, you always want to grab something to eat immediately after Eid and there is 90 percent assurance that your main course won’t be ready immediately after Eid Salah, So how about grabbing a sand witch but because it’s Eid make it look fancier, grab a sand witch on a skewer (winks)



Pancake skewers: Don’t we all love pancakes? I mean, when You don’t have to make so many of them. This is perfect for day two as on the day of Eid we don’t eat before Eid….



Beef skewers: I mean, why not? It’s a beef festival….



Fruit salad skewer: Seeing colors well placed on a table only makes you hungry, If you have invited guests over for Eid, then you should have a plate of fruit salad skewers served on your table, they always look absolutely yummy and tantalizing.



Potato skewers: Who doesn’t like grilled potatoes? I mean the aroma alone is a killer and when it is served with grilled beef, chicken or fish, Lord! Just top with a cup of chilled drink and you are good to go… I see myself having this on day 3 of Eid (when you don’t have so many people visiting)…



Chicken skewers: Most of us use chicken stock for fried rice and if you don’t want to fry your chicken afterwards this is a perfect idea, just make sure the chicken is not so tender other wise, You will love it.



Yam skewers: As Nigerians we pound yam a lot during Eid, this is good for a change or if you have left over yam after pounding, You might just want to skew it, trust me eating this will be loads of fun if you spice it up well….


Shrimp skewers: It’s quite easy to make and it looks very yummy when served. Your guest will love you for this and your system will thank you for treating it well this Eid.. Dear Nigerians Oya spend the money (winks)


Salad skewers: I honestly thought this was silly, until I tried it, I played with different colors of vegetables and I totally love the outcome and I also really loved the fun part of having to make the decision of what to go after what…



Kebab: This is basically chicken / beef with vegetables, What I love about it is that, it is very colorful and attractive…
And that’s it guys, bear in mind that there are loads of foods you can make with skewers but as a Nigerian Muslimah, I specifically picked these ones because I know they can be made easily as they are quite related to the Ingredients that we will either have at home or be using during Eid and please remember those who are in need during this festival and try not to eat too much….
Warning: Do not try to make all of these in a day. To enjoy Eid, Plan well so you don’t get too exhausted in the kitchen, remember you have 3 days to celebrate…What other food do you think you can make easily with skewers, please let me know in the comment section….
I wish you all an amazing Eid and a happy holiday…
See you in my next post In shaa Allah…


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