“A woman is never celebrated for her ability to stand up for herself and others..”-yasmin Mogahed.

Ustadha Yasmin shared this earlier and I thought why not share it with Bkay readers. “When speaking about women, I’ve noticed a pervasive trend, especially amongst certain cultures. I’ve noticed that the main quality that is celebrated in a woman is her ability to “sacrifice”. In other words, the only quality that allows a woman to be praised and earns her the highest regard is her ability to “swallow poison with a smile on her face”.

Her ability to turn the other cheek. Her ability to stay quiet even when her needs and wants are consistently unmet. Even when she is being mistreated or oppressed. Her ability to constantly put her own needs and wants aside for the sake of others. Her ability to be the “sacrificial lamb”. Again and again and again. And her ability to live her entire life this way. 

Then once she succeeds at living her life this way, only then is she hailed and elevated as the amazing mother or wife or daughter. This is what gets a woman celebrated. In these cultures, you hardly ever hear a woman celebrated for her ability to stand up for herself and others, her ability to fight for what’s right. To have a voice. To be heard. Rather it is her ability to stay quiet, through pain or even injustice. It is her ability to suffer quietly that is celebrated. Her ability to hide her tears. “She was so patient.” “So sacrificial.” These are the qualities which are celebrated and hailed, making this woman worth praise.

But, what were the mothers of the believers and the female companions like? Did Ayesha (RA) have a voice? Or was she passive? What was Aasiyah RA (wife of Pharoah), named one of the perfect women, like? What was she praised for by God and His messenger (pbuh)? Was it for staying quiet and putting up with Pharaoh’s abuses? Or was it for taking a stand?
She was martyred for taking a stand for her faith against Pharoah.”

And that’s it guys.kindly Let me Know what you think in the comment section….

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