“I am tired of everything. My ‘why, when and where”.

Woke up in the morning feeling so tired!
My muscle wasn’t weak neither were they hurting but I was just tired!
Tired of everything, tired of Life and everything about Life!

One minute I am fine and the next minute I am not, it takes a lot to get the earlier back.
Watching motivational videos, reading books, hanging out and chatting with friends seems temporary! I am happy and all of a sudden I am not! And in a switch, I begin to think and think and think!
And then I find myself repeatedly saying things like ‘I am tired’, “I am angry” and like affirmations, I continuously feel tired! And Angry!

I hate that I feel like this but it keeps happening consistently, I feel less productive, less active, it is like the neurons in my brain just want to sleep, I don’t know exactly what I feel but the little I know, I will acknowledge and trash! There is more to me than all of these!

Why do I feel this way, where do I feel them and when do I feel them. These are the questions I have been asking myself for the past two weeks and I have learned so much about my situation by trying to answer these questions….

If you are like me and you feel this way, First ensure you acknowledge what you are feeling, I mean know it existence…

My where:

Mostly in my room! I feel so depressed and tired in my room, I struggle so much to activate the neurons in my brains when I am in my room. I definitely feel more productive outside my room.

My when:

  1. Mostly when I sleep too much! My day is always fun when I start up in the morning, anything after 9 AM becomes a struggle…
  2. When I get so busy that I forget to remember my Lord! It’s like shaitan gets through me and I begin to wallow and blame myself…

My why:

Feeling that I am very ungrateful to God, Hating the fact that I always have to put up a smiley attitude even when I am not fine and basically allowing societal pressure from friends and family to get to me.

This seems so much to deal with, how do I keep my busy schedule and remember Allah, I am not the type that always wants to run to Allah only when I need him, How do get it all going in the morning? I love my bed, but it has proven not be a good place for my sanity, how do I deal with all these pressure around me?

I have chosen to go slow but steady, I choose to work on remembering Allah first, as my faith plays a huge part in every other factor that triggers my unwanted mood. So Let’s bond with Allah first as he has promised that in his remembrance I shall find tranquility…..

Hopefully, I get to update you guys soon.
If you have any tips to share please do so in the comment section and If you have or are going through same as I am, please share your struggles as well…
May Allah bless you all…. Amin.

Honestly, I feel so relieved typing this…..

One thought on ““I am tired of everything. My ‘why, when and where”.”

  1. First of all, It’s been forever since I’ve been to your blog *covers face in shame* but I totally love love love the layout and this post is exactly how I feel. The constant cycle of tiredness itself gets draining but God will help us all. (This is me hoping you’re out of that cycle now seeing as this post is from January ^_^)

    Demi Akin

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