On my way to Nigeria during my transit at the Istanbul Airport which is usually a long transit, I decided to sit at a coffee shop to rest as I was tired from the ups and downs of preparing for the journey.

I would normally take my time to read during my transit but I had deliberately checked in my books because I wanted to get new books at the Airport, I still don’t know why I like the book stores at the Airport but I never fail to visit them! Even though they don’t welcome me with a cup of tea sha! Lol…

Anyways, While seated at this coffee store sipping my water slowly, Watching as people entered and left the book store opposite the coffee store, this young man who happens to be a cleaner at the coffee shop approached me with a cup of Cappuccino, He said “Have this! I can get you extra sugar if you want..” I was shocked! Hello! I don’t take coffee, I don’t take anything coffee! I haven’t had anything coffee in years. So I was sure I didn’t order for anything Cappuccino. In this few seconds of thoughts! He said “Sister, this is Just from me to you, so take it, I can give you our WIFI password as well” I then replied, How kind of you, Thank you so much, I appreciate. My phone is already connected, I use Turkcell and I have internet”

Kindness is Kindness no matter how little it is, whenever I take anything coffee, It destabilizes me, I get extra sweaty and I feel light headed! But Helllo, I wasn’t going to tell this kind man, I don’t take anything coffee! As a matter of fact I was going to drink that cup of Cappuccino with every ounce of love in my heart.

I remember taking it and saying “Dear God, you know the reason I am taking this cup of Kindness, You see my heart, so even if my system is going to misbehave, let it be minimal, so give me the ability to finish this cup of Kindness without having to disgrace myself and this kind man here with one  yeye light headedness” (Laughs but I strongly believe in the power of prayers ooo).

So I took the Cappuccino with a big smile on my face, Lord! I hadn’t smiled like that in a long time, I know it ni..

If you know me, you know you do not have to take your time to build me a house just to make me happy, the way I can get so emotional over little things like this ehn… Anyways, I finished my coffee and he came to clean the table, we then had a mini chat… He said “A lot of people feel the world need unrealistic things to make it a better place, No! Something as little as a smile, helping someone carry their bags, gifting a random person go a long way…”

Me: What an act of kindness, I won’t be forgetting in a hurry! That touched me! Made want to be a better person. That cup of coffee thought me so much than my Math teacher ever did…(You can now tell I don’t like Maths)..

Believe it or not, That cup of Kindness led me to something I have always wanted in that same Airport….

I will be revealing that soon In shaa Allah…

Allah swt has blessed me with kind people and I can’t help but say Alhamdulillah. Ever since I got back, the Love has been overwhelming, Kilode! The amount of prayers, gifts, kind words, discounts I have gotten ehn! I can’t begin to say and I can’t even start mentioning names and to think I am yet to meet majority of  these people.. Wallahi words fail me…

I honestly can’t help but say Alhamdulillah for them! I am super grateful for having you all Amazing people in my life!

May Allah bless you all, your families and your businesses… Amin ya Rabbi!

And that’s it, that’s what I am grateful for today, what are you grateful for today? Feel free to leave your comments below..

And see you in my next posts In shaa Allah…


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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

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