Do you have peptic ulcer? here are 5 things you should avoid during ramadhan…

Peptic ulcer refers to the painful sore in the lining of the stomach or duodenum which could be as a result of an imbalance between digestive fluids in the stomach and duodenum or the presence of a bacteria called helicobacter pylori in the stomach/duodenum.A person living with peptic ulcer could find it difficult to fast during Ramadhan but to make fasting in the holy month easier for you, here are top 5 things to avoid.


Stress: stress is a major contributing factor to an ulcer attack, stress and hunger never work well together and it’s even worse when you have a stomach ulcer, so try not to engage in loads of physical activities, the outcome is never good.


Spicy food: Imagine feeding a sore pepper, can you imagine the pain? that’s what you do to your stomach when you take anything spicy during iftar.You might not feel the pain immediately but it’s definitely going to visit before sahur, You don’t want that right? and if you must as a Nigerian because I know we love pepper soup, ensure that you have eaten well and the acidity in your stomach is balanced.


Acidic fruit: It does just same as a spicy meal, if not worse, Avoid acidic fruits like orange, pineapple, apple e.t.c during Ramadhan.People who have stomach ulcer are advised to take fruits like watermelon,  banana, and dates during iftar and sahur to help balance the acidity in their digestive tract.


Eating at once: be it during Ramadhan or not, if you an ulcer patient, never eat at once, it is advised that you eat in bits, it only helps you recover fast (eat a bit during iftar and then after Tarawee).Heavy meals might lead to an attack most especially if you have them late. Balance diet is key.


Gaseous drinks/coffee and fried meals: On a normal day, these are among the worse offenders of ulcer. Avoid them as they increase the acidity of the stomach instantly.Never break your fast with these most especially if your ulcer is bad. If you must eat anything fried ensure you have had something else prior and your stomach acidity is balanced.

And that’s it guys, May Allah grant us the best of health, Amin.Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

See you guys in my next post In shaa Allah.



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