MC Ayulah share Tips for choosing your MC.

The one thing I couldn’t do during my sister’s wedding was to get the MC, Why? because I didn’t know how to go about it, I rarely attend weddings/major events, so my cousin did the hunting and we didn’t get to meet the MC until the D-day (he wasn’t bad though). When MC Ayulah took to his Insta story to share these tips, I immediately thought to myself, This will benefit loads of people and because he is a very good friend of the TBLT, he agreed to stop by once again. So here we go:

“Your choice of MC determines the level of success of the day after spending thousands and millions on the hall, catering services,, you don’t want to eventually have a boring event. These tips should guide your selection of MC for your event.


You: When making a choice of MC to pilot your big day, remember to go with who your heart tickle for the most.


Budget: Hiring a pro-Mc come at no small cost, If you understand a role of a professional MC in the success of an event (tweaking your budget if it doesn’t match his/her fee shouldn’t be a problem) after all there is a value where you are placing your pay.


Encouraging and Humorous: Your MC should be a bit of a spunk, a bit of life in them that makes the guests drawn to what they are saying and how they deliver on stage, They should be matured and experienced to deliver clean jokes which won’t embarrass both the clients and guests.


Vocal and Engaging: Your MC should have the ability to talk loud and clearly, he/she should be able to relate with everyone from all backgrounds, age groups and awkward corners of the hall.It is his/her job to involve those awkward people in the proceedings. Trust me! not everyone has the ability to do that.


Friendly and Informative: Giving out Information is part of an emcee’s roles, It is important to hire someone who is trustworthy enough to pass on the correct information in a friendly disposition with a smile.


Experienced: Does your MC understand he/she literally has a job to do, does he/she do it full-time or part-time, how long has he/she been doing it, how consistent has he/she been at it? and how frequent do people hire him/her?


Lastly, professional MC’s are not adequate to cover wedding’s every weekend, so if you find one that ticks your checklist secure his services Immediately.”

I did ask him how one will know all these if they don’t attend weddings and he reminded me of the word “professional” meaning a professional MC should at least have social media accounts if he/she doesn’t have a website.

Interesting right? I am sure you have learned a thing or two and you now know what to look for in your MC. If you have any question, please drop them in the comment section, MC Ayulah is always ready to answer your questions.

You can Follow him on Instagram HERE or check out his website HERE.

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Stay Blessed guys.

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