MC Ayulah shares social media tips for entrepreneurs.

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.people initially join to connect with friends and family.We have different reasons for being on social media the Internet and social media has made everything global, it goes beyond your immediate locality, there are rules governing the usage of these platforms, MC Ayulah took to his Insta-story to share of these rules and here they are:


Before you put anything out there be sure you have content, have something valuable to sell, something that is of value to others


Before you think about conquering the world, start with your immediate locality, advertise to your WhatsApp contacts, friends on facebook, followers on Instagram


How can your profile be on private and you claim to be selling, selling what exactly? how do you expect people to know what you are selling?


People are more comfortable when they can attach a face to an online business. you can’t be posting products alone. Put a face on your brand.


Treat yourself as a co-operation, you know how we all respect multinationals on how they can do things by the book? Yes. it applies to start up too, there is nothing like it’s just a small business, we all want and pray to be big. right? the question is: do we work towards it’s growing big.Don’t let the mediocrity of the market dictate to you on how you should not be professional with what you do


Don’t hold back on putting your work out there, there is no rule on the number of posts to be out, let them see what you are selling, there is a market waiting for you


Images work wonders on the minds of everyone.Now professional Images does much more, If you are selling, good and clear pictures represent quality


It’s not enough to put out clear pictures, a captivating accompanying clear caption with a relevant hashtag is the icing on it


Never be bothered by your amount of followers, True! the more the merrier but always remember your impact is the most important, some people have large followership and don’t sell anything, it is never by your level of popularity, how well you reach out is very important.


Be sure you have content and value to sell, the market has a way to detect abandon and move on quickly from who/what is substandard on social media and beyond.

Simple yet very effective tips right? All thanks to the everly kind Ayulah, should you have any event you would like him to host please reach out to him directly on Instagram @Ayulah.. Hope these tips help, see you in our next post…

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