THE BARAKAH LIFESTYLE NG is dedicated to creating and holding safe spaces for Muslim women home and abroad. We encourage community and relationship-building to enhance sisterhood through collaborations/Partnerships, educational and engaging programs.

We believe Muslim women are able to access Islamic knowledge, mentorship and leadership through community building by fostering a sense of belonging and creating deep relationships and connections with Allah SWT.

The aim of this community is to strengthen our relationship with Allah, Support and encourage each other in the path of truth, Increase ourselves in beneficial knowledge, engage in beneficial activities and network with each other.


I pledge to be in the group for the sake of Allah, To be an active member of the community, to acknowledge and promote diversity and respect for other sisters in the group, To make the space safe and accommodating for other sisters, To encourage and support others sisters, To spread love and positivity in the group, To put in all necessary work without giving excuses and to spread the Barakah that comes from the community and also invite other sisters to Join… This is my pledge.

O you who believe fulfil your promises.

Surah Al-Maidah verse 1

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