I was jealous of Tiwa in SGIT- Depression continues.

Over the weekend I watched the latest episode of skinny girl in transit and by the time I got to the point where shalewa was telling Mohammed about her worries over Tiwa and Mohammed responded “sometimes all someone needs is to be there for them without saying a word! Looooooord! At that moment my life came flashing right before me, I went cold and by the time I got to the scene where shalewa hugged Tiwa and Tiwa busted out in tears, I was soaked in tears already!
Not because I hadn’t seen anything of such before but because at a very crucial point in my life where I wanted to hide from people but couldn’t all I wanted then was for someone to just sit next me without saying a word. I craved so bad for that one moment. So so bad! Depression is already hard on it’s own but fighting it on your own can be even harder but not Impossible.
The scene where her dad went to see her in the room was just awesome, I love how he also didn’t feel the need to ask questions, how he didn’t force her to say a word, instead brought back good memories and reassured her of their presence in her life. At this point, I thought to myself, Tiwa has amazing people around her she has no Idea. Amazing people some of us have but even take for granted.
I wasn’t anywhere close to my family when I went through my episode and I was so scared running back to them will disappoint them, so I took on the battle myself surrounded with loads of people that had no Idea of what I was battling with. So all these things Tiwa got in a snap, I got very late.
This episode was just thirty something minutes but it took me almost 1hr to finish as I had to pause and appreciate life and all that I am today.
And when I pressed play, guess who I saw on the screen, Mama Tiwa. I had the laugh of my life.
Need I forget, If you don’t have a friend like Didi in your life, find one. And it’s important that you are also Didi to someone else.

And Hellloooo Mide and Tiwa must not Kiss in the next season if there is one, because they have kissed all their kiss in this season, kilode! Lol.

And that’s it guys, Let me know what you think about the last episode of SGIT in the comment section.
See you guys in my next post In shaa Allah.

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3 thoughts on “I was jealous of Tiwa in SGIT- Depression continues.”

  1. Can’t stop laughing about the kiss. Mide like kiss no be small!!!! What!!! I actually had a moment too when shalewa hugged tiwa,it was so emotional! Seeing mide cry while looking at their picture was another moment for me. Like!!! Love is a beautiful thing!

  2. Awwnnn…. I finally saw the movie. So that’s how Hadiza got sacked, chai! We need a friend like Didi in our lives. *Mide and Tiwa’s kiss be making somebody thinking*. Mehn! Mama Tiwa killed it. Kudos to the SGIT crew.

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