Born and brought up in Nigeria and now Vegan? I can only begin to Imagine what my Nigerian Mother will do to me.Hey, Fam! Good to have you here. A couple of weeks ago, I had to deal with a condition that required I consume high amount of vegetables, I didn’t like that I had to fall sick to be able to eat that amount of Vegetable without having my Nigerian friends question me every now and then as it is just not normal to consume veggies that much as a Nigerian! somebody cannot even eat vegetables in peace again! But yea! it was such a good excuse as I ate Veggies like no man’s business up until considering to go Vegan! It was such a good feeling, I can’t explain, I felt absolutely Fresh and Healthy and Understood why some people can’t stop being Vegans, But as nice as the feeling was, I thought, Grilled Chicken, Roasted/Fish, Cat Fish pepper soup, Haa! Nba, I no fit!

I love you my Vegans, But biko(please), Let me hold the dairy world, Let me represent my fatherland well, It doesn’t mean I am going stop consuming veggies but chicken, beef, fish will have to come in every now and then.If there is any advice I want to give now, It would be that you try to balance your diet, It has really good benefits. That’s it guys If you can relate, Chat me up in the comment section please.

See you In my next post….

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