If you are a lady, This must be some kind of problem for you. I usually don’t have patience for stuffs like this, I feel why should a jar give me headache… Most especially when there is no other person at home to try opening it for me, So i said to myself, It is not by force, I will just stop buying anything in a jar but for how long? plus for some reason i just love Jars….


Recently i got a jar of pepper and it was giving me same headache and then i said to myself it is not possible that i am the only one who hates to be in this situation, I am just going to go on youtube and check for a solution, I cannot shout….

There are are loads of ways to easily open a jar but i found these two lots easier…

  1. All you need to do is get a spoon,you might want to use a wooden spoon if you love the jar so much,but any spoon works.

– Slowly and slightly hit the lid of the jar all Round and Your jar should open immediately….

2. Get A bowl of hot water and simply  (in the bowl) turn the jar upside down (the lid should be in the water).

-lift up and try opening… Your jar should open in 30 secs…

Here is the link of the video:

I am glad,i shared this with you guys… should incase you try it,kindly let me know in the comment section….

And That’s it guys….


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