HURRAY! I am so excited that i could scream right now, Really. Back home in Nigeria we literally don’t keep lettuce and spinach for long as they become wilted in a day or two. My mum hates to waste food, So we only get them when we need to use them instantly.. You can only begin to imagine how annoying it is, having to go to the market every time you need lettuce or the common one “spinach”

As Ramadhan (Muslim’s fasting period) is just by the corner,  In preparation for it, You just want to buy everything at once because trust me, No one  enjoys going to the market during this period, can be really draining….

I started thinking,seriously! Will i actually i have to step out everyday to buy lettuce, Naaaah! There must be away to store this for a while … So here we go:


  • Pick out the leaves.
  • Wash the lettuce/spinach



  • Drain and dry (you can use a kitchen/paper towel)
  • Put inside a ziplock bag, remove as much excess air as possible. (One trick to remove excess air without smashing your lettuce is to seal the storage bag almost completely, insert a straw and suck out the air, then remove the straw and seal immediately.)



  • Put in the Refrigerator…

PS: Some people wrap up the spinach in a paper towel before putting it in the bag, But i didn’t use one, I only made sure i drained properly before putting into the bag and it’s been fresh for almost 2 weeks…. Nice right? I know….

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And That’s it guys,
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I love y’all ☺




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