Picking an outfit for Eid is a major part of Eid celebration, However, isn’t that easy as a lot of us tend to get confused over what to wear and what not to wear. Dreams Eid collection was Inspired by African Prints known as Ankara which is known for its colors and versatility.My science sense thought I could Infuse Ankara into Modest Abayas/dresses hence creating a simple, beautiful and Unique outfit and I also thought of using outstanding colors to indicate excitement which normally comes with Eid. Hi Bkay readers! My name is Ruqayyah Ayoola, I am a stylist and designer and I am also The CEO of DREAM WEARS FASHION WORLD. Here is my 2017 Eid collection.

Asides Infusing Ankara Into abayas, For the love of simplicity, I thought I could also create simple plane but elegant dresses in different colors for Eid as well. This is just to say you can look simple and elegant, I mean at the end of the day simplicity is sophistication.

What is Eid Without some stone works here and there to give you a bit of that Arabian look? Working with stones can be exciting and knowing that some people love to look all glammed up for Eid, I came up with these:

These dresses are named after people who inspire me as well as people who have contributed to my growth one way or the other.Do hope you love them, you can get yours by sending Me a Dm on INSTAGRAM @ DREAM WEARS FASHION WORLD.

And that’s it guys, do hope you love our 2017 Dream Eid collection, Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section.Have an Amazing Eid celebration.


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