If you are here you probably have this one issue to deal with or you have a sister or a friend who feels horrible sometime in a month or you are looking for an alternative of dealing with Aunty P. whichever ways,I guess this is the point we all hold hands and say “we are going to be fine”.

Lord! the pain is real and hey! no exaggeration, if you have never had cramps, i mean real cramps then that alone is enough for you thank God for your life.

A lot of people think it is only when Aunty P is visiting that we have hormonal issues and we get to flare a lot. But trust me for those who have horrible menstrual cramps, the moment it is a week to, and you think of that routine of pain you will be going through, you just keeping switching between 100-0 and 0-100.

Worse of all is when a friend look you in the eye and say,” I don’t know what you are talking about or i have never had cramps”, Then you begin to ask “why Me? Oh lord”

I don’t think there is someone who goes through that much pain and has never question God as to why they had to.

This is to say the degree of cramps varies, some throw up, some pass out due to the pain, some cry their eyes out, some get extra moody, some can’t eat or drink, some get admitted every now and then, the back pain and tummy pain is real for some and some just get alerted nicely. The buttom line is we wish we never had it.

The struggle of picking the perfect color of outfit to wear during Aunty P’s visit is real, Making sure you are not sitting for a long period of time/ you are wearing the nicest fragrance ever, making sure you have extra sanitary tissue in your bag, the list is just endless.

Some nice people console you with “don’t worry delivery will be easy for you”, well what they meant to say is “ since you have such horrible pain, you will be familiar with the initial pain  that comes with delivery” so don’t be too happy because it is what it is.

So here are things you need to help make Aunty P, less of trouble.

  • Understand your system: A lot of times, all we need to do is understand our systems, it is that easy, As crampy as you might always be, there is that one time you feel less pain, Ask yourself, what did I do this month, was I too busy, did I eat more sugar, did I exercise more? This will only get you prepared for Aunty P, if it is more sugar, then a week to aunty P’s visit, you start munching all the chocolates in the world. “Thou shall not go through that pain this month”

Forget the people who say more sugar makes it worse, you need  to find out yourself. For some people,it is the exact opposite.


  • Period calendar: Ye, you need an Aunty P calendar there are lots of them you can download for free on play store or App store. This calenders helps you monitor your cycles, document your symptoms and serves as a reminder incase you get too busy with life or Aunty P chooses to Visit late, that way you aren’t caught unaware.

I recommend “my calendar” you can get on play store.



  • Sanitary Tissue: Aunty P can sometimes come with embarrassment, try to avoid It. As much as a lot of us will say “always” is wonder,Yea in Nigeria, because we don’t have varieties to try anyways, but if you are outside Nigeria, there are several ones you can try. Go with that which you are comfortable with and know the one for the perfect day, I mean you can use a longer tissue for day 1 and use a shorter one for day 5 for confortability.


  • A sanitary tissue Pouch: these small boxes are so cute and saves you all the stress of people starring at you, when you have to open your bag, when you have to hand over a sanitary tissue to someone who needs it or when you need to use the washroom. Slip in your sanitary tissue into them and you are just good to go.



  • Sanitary Bed pads/underwears: Aunty P does not just get off some linen easily, save yourself the stress, and get those that fit the situation that you wouldn’t have to soak for days. you can always get disposable bed pads on Amazon if you really need them. they are quite cheap.


  • Hot water bottle: This helps a lot, I just hate how you have to refill the bottle but it’s really good, because your body needs the heat at that moment to help you relax your uterus muscle from contactions which brings about the cramps.



  • Menstrual pain stickers: these are packs of Awesomeness, All you need to do, is place it on your tummy or your lower back and you feel better. I have never seen them in Nigeria, but you can get them online. They do wonders. I recommend Biointimo.


  • Pain killers: The highest I have taken is paracetamol, I don’t do drugs as our systems could be very tolerant to certain drugs and most of them have their side effect. But which ever works for you, Enjoy.



  • Hot water: Be it tea or a hot bath, the bottom line is that  you will always feel better with hot fluid, again, it helps you relax your uterus muscles from contractions.



  • Positions: find your perfect position that makes you feel better. Some enjoy lying on their tummy, some enjoy sitting folded, which ever one seems good for you, go for it.


As bad as you may feel, period is just a sign that God loves you, asking HIM to take it away from you, due to your experiences only means asking HIM not to give you a child and asking Him to leave your system uncleansed, this is what guys do not have, and one of the reasons they are prone to pot bellies. So stay Happy and stay Positive guys. We are definitely going to be fine.

you can always visit a doctor, as some pain can seem unbearable.


And that’s it guys, don’t forget to leave your comments below as they are like scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice—cream to me.



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Barakah is that amazing sister next door striving to please Allah by being of service to the world in the best ways possible, she is a book lover and a Tea Addict.

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