Una do well ooo jare my people.i know my fellow nigerians are dealing with fuel scarcity,so because you all are not happy with the present situation,i am not happy too cos your pain is my pain,but i shall still is well with Nigeria….Amen!

Let’s get to it,Tribal Marks!

kilode!??? what Ahhpin??! why do you want to kill yourself because of your tribal marks, a situation you can’t change,you blend with it,you can’t erase why die??? if you think nobody likes your mark,Me i love it!! don’t die ooo Continue reading SHOULD YOUR TRIBAL MARKS AFFECT YOUR SELF-ESTEEM???

Negative People/ Energy

I don’t even know how to start ooo,if i start the way i feel like starting,hmmm, things will the way,i have missed you guys,haa! Serious Miss masef and i know you miss me too…;)

Lerrus get to the matter….
Apparently,some people can so so have negative Energy,Seriously,they can so be all negative negative,and the only thing i find myself saying is “beeet whyyyy”!! Continue reading Negative People/ Energy

What Votes and Brooms can do! Nigerians celebrate:New party,New President

Incase you don’t know what brooms and votes can do,hmmm,i will tell you! Today!Acsualli….hehehehehe…Barakah! Did u just say Acsualli?!!!….i mean Actually! Don’t mind me ooo jare..i really wanted to type that ‘Acsualli’…it sound nice abi…i know…

So yes,Nigerians have been celebrating,i am telling you serious celebration ooo,i mean according to Mrs Adeola Fayehun,my one and only personal person…the last time we celebrated this much was when Abacha died…. Continue reading What Votes and Brooms can do! Nigerians celebrate:New party,New President

Common Courtesy….

My people,my people!…hope you guys are doing well oo jare (in a nigerian voice)….

As it is all about thoughts,i thought i should talk about courtesy is an important issue abi? yea ‘fery fery’ important…..okay let’s get serious

Courtesy: The showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behaviour towards others.

So  Here are some courtesy rules: Continue reading Common Courtesy….

Nigerian Lady: ”I Don’t Know How To Cook and i Don’t Care”

Hehehehehe…..i love my nigerian sisters jare,i mean i love you guys die….the fleeking fleeking,the turning ups..hmmm, i am loving it…but ehn,what is with the the “i don’t know how to cook and i don’t care” haaa! My sister care ooo,hmm did i hear you say you don’t care???!!!!….lol..Diaris God! Continue reading Nigerian Lady: ”I Don’t Know How To Cook and i Don’t Care”

Domestic Violence

And she was asked: why don’t you leave if you go through all these???
she replied: I STILL LOVE HIM……..

Listening to Victims of Domestic violence….

Domestic violence (also domestic abuse, spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, battering or family violence) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person in a domestic context against another, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Continue reading Domestic Violence

What friends can do to you

You sure  know I am gonna be apologising..I can’t believe the last time i blogged was last year….Chaiii!!!! How dare me?!  But my people ehn, you know now?! It is not easy to be a medical student naa….all the same ehn,i apologise….this won’t and shouldn’t happen agaaaaaaain!!!!…..

So back to the matter…..

Have you ever asked yourself what exactly it is your friends are doing,have done or will do to you????? Continue reading What friends can do to you