On One Of My Favourite Show: Gbajuma Osere….

Yelz yelz….Haloo guys, una do well ooo jare…i hope everyone is fine

Loool…i am sure non-yoruba’s are already like, “what is she even talking about”….

If you are used to or still familiar with Yoruba channel on Dstv,you should/might know this programme/show..and in case you don’t,what they do is, Invite  yoruba celebrities  and interview them as well as get them to connect with their fans and yea,the programme is also in segments and My favourite segment is the “So Laya?” Part. Continue reading On One Of My Favourite Show: Gbajuma Osere….

From Know That?! to Learnt Something? (LS? :))

Halooooooo guuuuuys….there is a way i say that,if i have the chance i would say that in a video and you will love it..yeaaaaaa Yeah! LOL!

I hope you guys are doing well ooo jare……. this is just to know how everyone is doing as well as inform you guys about a bit of change. Continue reading From Know That?! to Learnt Something? (LS? :))

The “Everyday InstagrAm”

Una do well ooo jare my People..
Hope everyone is doing well…i told you guys days back  that i will be introducing “know that?!”..so here we are…

Most of us are on instagram,we love and enjoy uploading,commenting,liking and all the “ing” but wait oooo! Who created instagram?????

Hahahahahaha i bet you were not expecting that que…


We have google i know but knowing this won’t take nothing from you….The everyday instagram was created by these people.

Learnt something?
And dats it guyss
Until next time
I love y’all ☺

What Happened!…… Introducing “Know This?”

Hmmmmm…..so many “what happened” messages…nothing ooo my people,nothing bad. I told you guys of my break and alot of other things i had to do,yeaaaaa yeah! It was never meant to be easy,we just have to keep our heads up……

Hope everyone is fine,i have miiiiiiiiiiiiissed you guys,serious missing ooo,no jokes and the only reason why i stayed this long without publishing is because i wanted to share some of the wedding photos (my sisters wedding) and experience with you guys but unfortunately still have to put some stuffs in place,as soon as i can,i will (God’s willing)…. Continue reading What Happened!…… Introducing “Know This?”