You know there are times when ideas just visit you and all you want to do is act fast. Most times we don’t think those ideas through before we take actions and which is the reason why sometimes things just get overwhelming along the line and all of a sudden we find ourselves giving up on our dreams and I mean dreams that can become reality.

What am I saying? , You wake up and realize that with your God giving talent you can have your own fashion store or you can become an event planner. “What a good idea, I can have my own business, make money and give back to the society”, We instantly think through the names at the top of our heads and the next thing we do is launch an Instagram account… What I love is the fact that you aren’t just dreaming but you are making a move, which is a good thing.

But How about, I have an idea, I take a deep breath/break, I get a notepad/book, I think through the idea(s) what I will/might need, where I should be in a month/what the end result should look like, I make my findings, I ask questions and ask for help where necessary (e.t.c) and then I launch.?

I have had people argue that when you instantly take actions just after a pulse, It pushes you and help you get the job done fast, in other words, there is pressure. But do you really need that kind of pressure at the very start of your business? I don’t think so because what I see happen to a lot of people is that they are almost shocked at every stage of their business, and I keep hearing things like ” oh no! I never saw this coming,I never thought about this” Don’t get me wrong, You can’t think through everything but you can think through the basics/ you can ask questions which only gets you prepared to starting your new journey.

Trust me,It okay that you want to start but it is also important that you think through your idea(s)…

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