PRE-RAMADHAN SERIES #2: Supplications…

Salam beautiful souls!

As Allah wills, good deeds are rewarded immensely in the month of Ramadan.
By learning and mastering non-cultural duaas, you’d be helping yourself a big time because not every Muslim would have all the time to do the Ramadan routine from completing a whole Qur’an or two, attend tafsirs and all of that even though they are best-recommended deeds.
One great thing about supplication is that when you’ve mastered Duas, you can make them easily and as much as you wish. Beautifully, you earn rewards for every single word. Subhanallah!  Continue reading PRE-RAMADHAN SERIES #2: Supplications…

Pre-Ramadhan series #1:start now..

It becomes too late on the first day of Ramadan!

It’s some days to our beloved Ramadan, Ma shaa Allah and we can’t go from a life of doing just little Ibadah(worship) to suddenly fasting and making extra prayers and reading Quran all day long/overnight. If we try to do that, most of us will burn out within the first week.

So instead of waiting until Ramadan is upon us, let’s take these simple yet good steps to prepare yourself for the holy month of Ramadhan.. Continue reading Pre-Ramadhan series #1:start now..