5 things you shouldn’t be doing to your role model(s)…

Is there anything wrong with having role models? I don’t think so! But when you begin to treat them like they are not human beings or they do not have a life then things just get irritating and sour. The fact that this beautiful lady or this gentleman is your role model doesn’t mean you should be all shades of annoying and disrespectful. I think we tend to forget that these people are human beings too and there are somethings that we shouldn’t be doing to them.

So here are just top 5 things you shouldn’t be doing to your role model….


Don’t disturb their posts on social media: Lord of mercy! This I see all the time! At the beginning, they might enjoy reading your comments but after a while it just becomes blah! Why should you even feel the need to type something like “whenever I see your post my empty stomach becomes full” Why? Because  Aunty A is your role model it is your duty to now be commenting on every single post of hers? Stop it! I tell you, your Aunty A doesn’t like this! If you have something to say related to the post after reading the caption( because most of us just want to comment without reading captions), then nicely drop your comment and move on.


Don’t make them your everytime lifeline – You have a role model right? Perfect! But why is he or she your role model? You will be shocked that some people find it really hard to answer this question and because you can’t answer this question, you find it so easy to pick up your phone and buzz them over every little thing that’s happening in your life forgetting their lives ain’t perfect either.They have spouses, kids, businesses e.t.c to look after…. Your role model honestly wants to see you take multiple steps before buzzing them up and when you finally do, please be direct with your questions and don’t expect them to begin telling you the stories of their lives via DMs! Ko Le werk!


Don’t approach them in an aggressive manner– you have probably stalked this role model on social media up until the point of meeting them, Biko! Why do you now feel the need to break their phones when you finally meet them? Yes, it happens, you want to hug them right? Honestly, the sweetest thing ever is to ask for it… “oh my God! I have been praying to meet you, can I get a hug” trust me! Even if the person is in the worst mood ever, they will still hug wholeheartedly but please try not to be aggressive with your hug…


Don’t abuse the fact that they once acknowledged you – The fact that your role model responded to your comment doesn’t make you her best friend and doesn’t give you access to her anytime, any day. Why do you feel the need to tag her in all sorts of posts now or talk about her like you guys are best of friends when all she did was respond or like your comment? She probably can’t say it out loud but trust me it irks her.


Don’t ask for free things: In this world of social media, there are chances that your role model is a celebrity and they try to give back to the society in their own way by organizing classes and some benefiting events here and there, Biko! Don’t turn yourself into a Begi-Begi, don’t be begging for tickets up and down. If he/she is truly your role model and you understand why they are your role model then you will look for money to buy the ticket, book or whatever. Imagine you are somebody’s role model, how many free tickets or free books or free anything can you give out? If your role model is giving these things out for free, good for you but if not, don’t force it and everyone will be happy.

You can see that this is something I am very passionate about, If you have been doing any of this, It’s your time to repent and if you are planning to start, Biko! Thou shall stop the plan right this moment! And If you know someone who does any of this, please send them the link to this article right away. It’s very Important.

Shout out to all the amazing people out there working their lives out to be role models and good ambassadors of their countries and religions, May the good Lord continue to strengthen and empower you and May He continue to give you the patience to deal with the above people.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comment section and…..

See you in my next post In shaa Allah.

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  1. Babe, you took words right out of my mouth. Everyone needs to read this tbh because some people suffer from this sickness and they don’t know. It can be really irritating. Thanks for saving us.

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