The Northern Nigeria popularly called Arewa and known for it’s rich culture is fast growing just like every other part of the country and the world. People are constantly on their toes to invent new things by exploring the Internet world thereby increasing productivity and work efficiency.

Bakandamiya has taken major steps in this right direction. Call it our own Arewa Facebook or LinkedIn, a platform where you can learn, network, promote your business/brand and reach out to people in the Hausa dialect. All these can be achieved through creation of groups, pages, stores, etc.You can join various interest groups to network, share ideas and do business.

How interesting?

Find link to Bakandamiya groups HERE.

I have always thought of how we can break the social barrier between English and our own local dialect. Well it is super exciting that you can now reach out to thousands of users as well as network with people from different part of Northern Nigeria or any part of the world using the Hausa language.

Take for example, I have always loved our local soups and meals which you don’t typically find on the Internet but with Bakandamiya, life has just been easy, I now know how to make miyan gyada (groundnut soup) and so many other soups/meals, I am also fully aware of detailed news and not the selective news that we would normally get. Simply put it this way, “Bakandamiya is Interestingly educative as you get to connect with several authors, speakers and other personalities whose material you would like to absorb.

Marketing your business (Big or small) also becomes super easy, you can easily reach out to your demographic, communicate well with your customers by creating a page to have a special place of your own on the platform. The page has some unique features that suit a modern market place; it serves just like your office and store combined. Your customers can reach you and do business with you at your fingertips. All you have to do is to connect the page and the Kasuwa and boom you are good to go.

The power of the Internet has transformed the way we do business but it has also given us opportunities to make remarkable in-roads into new markets in the online global village.

Find link to Bakandamiya store HERE.

Expressing your thoughts and catching up with old friends gets even better with Bakandamiya. I mean, no matter where you are in the world updating your status with the Bakandamiya App is a piece of cake, Provided you can get a decent data signal. You can download the app on Android and IOS stores below:

Image result for Available on google

Image result for Available on App store

Just like any other platform, Bakandamiya grows and gets better everyday.

You will definitely agree with me that Bakandamiya is giving us a platform to showcase our ideas and it’s definitely time for us to explore it.

Head on to Bakandamiya and become a member today….


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