Nurhayaa, a Nigerian modest wear brand, launched a new modest wear collection earlier this week. “The Mute collection”, is designed for women who want to look corporate and modest.

The brand which was launched in 2015 hasn’t laid back in designing beautiful simple and exquisite clothing that allow women to dress both modestly and stylish.

“My Inspiration was Initiated by the dilemma of wanting to appear  modest and stylish so I decided to cater to the needs of the contemporary Muslim woman offering class without compromising on our values as Muslims.” – said the CEO 

The Mute collection consists of vintage suit dresses made from pure wool which comes in different colors such as blue, gray and maroon. The range was designed for career women who need to appear modest and corporate to the office.

The Mute collection has everything every modest lady wants in an outfit, Although hijabs and abayas are traditionally worn by people of Muslim faith, The founder of Nurhayaa said the clothing line is for everyone.

The Nurhayaa brand also offers different arrays of clothing made from top quality fabrics that can be worn casually and occasionally which includes the ‘Nurhayaa’s classic black kaftans’.

“The brand is committed to maintaining simple, stylish and affordable designs made from top quality fabrics and accessories as it is focused on designing wears suitable for teenagers, maternity, corporate and occasions.” she said.

The Nurhayaa’s website will be up soon for you to be able to place your orders online, In the main time you can reach them on facebook @Nurhayaa on Instagram @Nurhayaa or call them via +2348109785581.

We sure love “The mute collection” and we are super proud of Nurhayaa….

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